Epoxy Coatings

Why Choose Epoxy?

Cost Effective

Epoxy is one of the most affordable flooring systems available today. Coupled with eye catching looks, it's incredible to think Epoxy Floors can be so affordable while looking so darn good!

Epoxy also takes less manpower than most other floor installations, and besides the initial equipment investment, the material is affordable. Time is also a factor as epoxy can be installed much faster, this saving you money on labor

Long Lasting

Epoxy Floors are extremely resilient to the rigours of everyday life. It is resistant to heat, shock, moisture, chemicals, water, and nearly anything else you through at it.

It's strength can be demonstrated by its wide use in applications subject to extreme weights. Epoxy is even compatible with vehicles and increases the life of the underlying floor as well as the vehicles tires themselves.

Eco Friendly

Yes Epoxy is technically a chemical, but compared to most other flooring systems, Epoxy is very simple requiring few materials, and since it lasts so long, does not need to be replaced nearly as often.

This saves materials, and even the tools, manpower and machinery that may be needed to install other floors. Epoxy floor installations do away with saws for cutting tiles or wood, and rely on a small set of simple tools such as rollers and squeegies.

Our Epoxy Coatings

Even More Benefits Of Epoxy

Stunning Appearance


Easy To Maintain