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Epoxy Coating

Epoxy is applied by first grinding down the surface of the concrete to prep the floor and ensure a proper bond. Then a primer coat is applied, a base coat, and either an aggregate to achieve flake/quartz, or more layers with pigments for a more artistic design. 

Due to the layering of thick resin, epoxy cures as a hard, shock-resistant, non-porous and impenetrable surface. The concrete is completely covered, meaning less imperfections are likely to show, and it gives off a shiny, glossy finish. If you have a floor or facilities that require a chemically-resistant surface, that can withstand exposure to wear and tear from heavy machinery, epoxy is a better choice.

    Polished Concrete

    Polished Concrete is done in multiple steps, first by grinding down the surface to remove any imperfections. Next, a concrete polishing machine uses diamond polishing pads over and over of different grits to create a smooth surface. You can have it match your desired sheen, whether it’s more on the matte end, or glossy. Installers can also add stains and dyes in these layers to alter the color of the concrete. Polished concrete is more of an affordable option, and is a popular choice for:
    – large warehouses & warehouse outlets

    • Retail stores
    • Hotels/ restaurants
    • Office Buildings
    • Auto show rooms

    Color Options

    Standard Colors

    Safety Colors

    Powder Pigment Colors

    Metallic Pigment Colors



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